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With the Special Coder Institute, all credential exams are fill-in-the-blank.  SCI does not utilize the multiple-choice format as real-world coding is not multiple choice.  With the fill-in-the-blank CCHCC™ examination, those who have earned the credential with the minimum passing score of 90% have shown they are experts in the field of HCC/risk adjustment coding.

The Certified Coder in HCC™ examinee will be tested on:

ICD-10-CM coding

Medical terminology


Exam Information

100 fill-in-the-blank codes with multiple case studies

3 hours and 0 minutes time permitted


90% or higher score required for exam passing

Exam Requirement

An examinee must hold current SCI membership.

Exam Approved References

ICD-10-CM (any publisher)

One additional reference per the examinee's choosing.

Available Education

The Specialty Coder Institute has created an 8 hour, on-demand, high quality education class to prepare for the exam.  Tuition includes textbook.  CPT, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS books are not provided.  Class education includes pre-recorded classroom video, PowerPoint video, practice case studies.

Credential Requirements

Once a member earns their CCHCC™ credential, CEUs (continuing education units) are required to maintain membership.  For CEU information, visit SCI's CEU page.

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