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Specialty Coder Institute's (SCI) Continuing Education Units (CEUs) policies and requirements.


One Certification

Two Certifications

Three Certifications

Four Certifications

Five Certifications

Each additional certification

CEUs are due annually on the last day of the month of membership renewal.

Only Specialty Coder Institute's CEUs may be used for credit.

With membership in the Specialty Coder Institute, CEUs are included with the annual membership fee.  Yes, they are FREE!

CEUs are earned with 1 (one) hour webinar equal to 1 (one) SCI CEU.

SCI members will receive access to the annual CEU requirements via the online member portal.

SCI will charge a $30 fee to extend CEU completion per month past the last day of the annual membership renewal month.

CEUs earned before earning certification will not be accepted by the SCI.

For multiple certifications with SCI, the first credential earned will require you 6 (six) SCI CEUs.

Each additional certification thereafter will require 6 (six) SCI CEUs per annual membership renewal.

6 CEUs

12 CEUs

18 CEUs

24 CEUs

30 CEUs

6 CEUs

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will not begin until July 1st, 2023 and will be prorated the first year of membership.

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